A New View of Rotterdam

A New View of Rotterdam

by Isabella Fernandez

Every time I visit Rotterdam, my perspective of the Netherlands changes--or, perhaps it’s just me. Nothing feels boring here. 

Vibrancy is key--it makes the locals happy. Hints of color can be found everywhere you turn. The architecture is strange, but efficient. Walking towards the Markthal, I get goosebumps.   

I am drawn to objects that look sharp or uncomfortable and messy. I look for scenes familiar to human senses--a gated wall, an awkward face, or hazy shadows cast against colorful buildings. I am intrigued by the elders wandering about--some carrying flowers, some standing by the water in deep thought, others talking to their partner about asking for directions. They interest me so. 

The city is clean, vibrant, and the lifestyle is balanced. It is the type of place that, upon endless roaming, I feel like I finally learned to enjoy the breeze.