People We've Met: Aaliyah Ei

interview by Nicha Jones; photos by Anjelica Jardiel

When I first met Aaliyah, I knew I liked her right away. She’s a brave trailblazer with the tenacity of a modern-day warrior queen—juggling modeling and styling with working to educate people on the benefits of marijuana legalization. Here, TRIPPER goes West to not only capture this one-of-a-kind gem in her natural state, but to gather insider insight on what it takes to be a muse with a mission.

Name: Aaliyah Ei AKA The Little Beast

Age: 24

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Occupation: Model/MMJ Educator/Zen Warrior Princess


Where was your last trip?

I traveled to Nashville for the first time a few weeks ago for Dylan Fest. I swear there's live music in the air everywhere in Nashville. Such a lively city.

LA or NYC?            

LA is definitely experiencing a creative renaissance of sorts, which I appreciate right now. But 100% NYC has kept my heart since I was a kid.

How would you describe what a strong woman means to you?

To me a strong woman is one that stands for what she wants, especially in the face of adversity. I know so many mentally, emotionally, and physically strong women who've survived unspeakable hardships that form my idea of strength.

How have strong women impacted your life?

Facing the mortality of my mum when we found out she had cancer for a second time was very impactful. It took a lot mentally to cope with that. That's really what drove me headfirst into studying about medical marijuana.

What's the CCA and your association with it?

CCA is short for California Caregivers Alliance, a medical marijuana dispensary I work with in Silver Lake. In my opinion it is the best shop in all of LA—all of the girls that work there are so passionate and knowledgeable. I am working on community outreach and events, educating, and networking with CCA.

Okay, so, favorite strain?

Monkey Paw. It's a sativa dominant hybrid that gives you such a buzzy creative lift. Makes me feel like a happy, playful little monkey!

Munchy preference?

CANDY. My knees go weak for watermelon Sour Punch Straws and Reese's Pieces.

How can people get more involved with weed advocacy?

Stay up to date on laws and regulations regarding medical marijuana in your state. Pay attention to when votes are coming up on proposed new regulations and inform yourself on what exactly they entail. NORML's website has an Action center with resources on how you can help and how medical laws are changing in EVERY state!

Makeup by Daphne Chantell Del Rosario; Styled by Aaliyah Ei