One Day in Reykjavik

by Danielle Robles

WOW Airlines has made it ridiculously cheap to travel to previously less-trampled-upon locales like Iceland, so when my bestie suggested a girls' trip I was more than happy to oblige. One of the many problems with budget airlines though, is that the number of actual flights are lacking, so we were forced to arrive in Reykjavik at 4 AM on a Saturday morning. Lucky for us, the capital city is slathered in cool art, great food, and lots of interesting things to do so we found a way to keep ourselves busy. If you have one day in Reykjavik, here are some dope things to try:

The Grey Cat
We were obviously starved the second the we landed, so after sorting our luggage and lodging situations we headed to this quaint cafe. Breakfast is notoriously expensive in Reykjavik, but the food was too good to pass up. We scarfed down an “American Breakfast” platter made with all fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Even the bread was out of this world.


Harpa Concert Hall
While strolling the town, this magnificent glass building caught our eyes, so we headed in for a look. Known for its distinctive colored glass facade inspired by the basalt landscape of Iceland, the architecture of the building is completely breathtaking and worth a wander if you happen to pass on by.

Kolaportid Flea Market
Located in the old harbor area, a few minutes from the city center, Iceland’s only flea market sells everything from liquorice to fermented shark to Icelandic wool sweaters. Here, my crew purchased necklaces made of lava rock and amazing baked goodies.

Reykjavik Art Museum
Next we hit up the modern art museum to check out the pieces local Icelandic artists had created. The innovative installations spoke to an effortlessly hip yet quirky culture with notions of feminine strength. We were moved by the artists’ take on emotion and the female gaze.

Micro Bar
After a long afternoon of trekking we decided it was beer-o-clock and headed to the local micro-brewery for a few tasters. This no-frills basement bar is the perfect spot to start an evening out. Just ask the folks sipping spilled beer off their table.

Húrra Bar
I’m not quite sure how we ended up here, we were looking for a dance/dive bar venue that had been recommended to us, but we couldn’t find it. The dance floor was tight, but the crowd was a bit sleazy and the DJ was NOT doing it for us, so we took to steppin. While leaving the bar, we heard the sounds of Fetty Wap calling us and had to follow, and somehow ended up in the coolest club in the city. I can’t recall the name, or locate it anywhere, so we shall name it Narnia and call it a day. The perfect booty-dropping way to end a perfect day in Reykjavik.