Tripping with Mom: La Jolla Cove

Tripping with Mom: La Jolla Cove

by Anjelica Jardiel

I live across the country from my mother (she’s in LA, and I, New York City) and have developed a tradition of spending her birthday with her every year.  This year, she turned 69 (mind you she doesn’t look at day over 52) so I decided to take her to La Jolla Cove, on the north side of San Diego County -- a stunning place that I most definitely had taken for granted when I attended UCSD from 2005-2009.  An easy two hour drive from Los Angeles (san traffic), I would argue that it’s one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. So if you’re in the area, or within reasonable driving distance, I highly suggest taking the trek with your favorite lady for a quick adventure.

Here are a few pointers for a short La Jolla trip.

Where to eat: We enjoyed breakfast at Brockton Villa, a converted beach cottage with an amazing view.  They are known for their French toast, called “Coast Toast,” which is thick, crispy around the edges, with a hint of orange.  Pretty much anything you order will be splendid, and the service is genuinely friendly, too.

What you can expect at the cove: golden sunshine, shimmering blue waves, rocky cliffs, green grass, the smell of fish, and plenty of critters -- seagulls, sandpipers, seals and sea lions, squirrels, pelicans and more.  As a protected marine reserve, it’s a rich place to walk around, lie around, kayak through caves, go for a swim, scuba dive or snorkel.  If you’re lucky, there are free 3-hour parking spots from 8am-6pm.