Barcelona, On the Full Moon

by Anjelica Jardiel

It happened the way all my favorite experiences happen--by chance. My friend Francesca and I were leaving Barceloneta Beach around midnight after sharing moments with the full moon over the glistening water.  She had to catch a flight back to England in the morning, but before we hailed a taxi, we ran into a man asking about Mar Bella Beach and Skate Park. He said, “My friend told me about some full moon party.”  Francesca hopped in her taxi, and I lead the way to Mar Bella.  We walked in the proper direction, away from the center and away from the marina.  I checked the distance and we had 2.5 kilometers to go, so I bid him adieu, wished him luck, and skated away.

I arrived around 1 AM to the site where I had been sunbathing with nude locals and meeting skateboarders from around the world two days prior.  The space next to a bar called, “Be Gay” was transformed and there were hundreds of people huddled in groups, spinning fire, playing drums and enjoying the moonlight.  There was a constant offering of “Cerveza, beer?” by the Pakistanis who hide beverages in the sewers to sell after 11 PM, when you can no longer get alcohol in stores.  

I walked around observing, then parked myself on one side of the beach, staring at the ocean.  After a few minutes, I moved to the other side and sat next to a group of Spanish girls singing and playing guitar. I noticed a man who was alone too and invited him to sit next to me. He was from Peru and pursuing a master’s degree in human resources. He said he fell in love with Barcelona and figured out a way to stay long term.  His friends bailed, so he went alone.  He decided to leave one hour later, and as I was growing tired and putting on my shoes to do the same, a girl popped out of no where and said, “Hello, are you leaving?”  I decided to stay.

We took a little hike to pee on the hillside, and she kissed a man from Uruguay.  I met some Brazilians, and one of them made me a bracelet. I watched people skinny dip, embrace, and run around.

Next thing I knew, it was 5 AM.  Every time I thought I was going to leave, I would meet someone who inspired me to stay.  I watched the waves change from deep blue to teal to silver.  The sky changed from midnight to purple to pink to orange and back to blue.  

It was everything I imagined it would be.  I kept asking myself, “Is this real?”  

A little while after dawn, I kissed my new friends goodbye, and skated the beach line home to El Raval, energized anew.

This happens every moon.